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Busy Badgers

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Children should be reading regularly at home and recording it in their reading record. In addition, children have been given a log in to practise their timestables and spellings on Twinkl Learn.

Summer 1

History Knowledge Organiser

How hard was it to invade and settle in Britain? Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser

Plant Reproduction Knowledge Organiser (Coming Soon)

Spring 2

Geography Knowledge Organiser

Why are rainforests important to us? Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser

Lights and Shadows Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1

History Knowledge Organiser

Why did Romans settle in Britain? Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser


Autumn 2

Geography Knowledge Organiser

Why do people live near volcanoes? Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser 

Forces and Magnets Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 1 

History Knowledge Organiser

Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age? Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser

Movement and Nutrition Knowledge Organiser

Academic Year 2022 - 2023

Summer 2

Battle of Naseby Topic

180th Anniversary of Naseby School Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1

The Battle of Naseby Knowledge Organiser

The Battle of Naseby Homework

Spring 2

Amazing Artists Knowledge Organiser

Amazing Artists Homework

Spring 1

Anglo-Saxons and Scots Knowledge Organiser

Anglo-Saxons and Scots Homework

Academic Year 2021-2022

Summer 2 - Light

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map
Homework Grid

Above: Discussing light sources. 

Summer 1 - Forces and Magnets

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map
Homework Grid

Above: Creating our large class story map of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes 

The Busy Badgers supporting Ukraine

Spring 2 - World War Two

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map
Homework Grid 

Above: WW2 Art and Design work

Spring 1 - Russia

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map
Homework Grid 
Knowledge Organiser 


Autumn 2 - Dinosaurs

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map
Homework Grid

Above: Dinosaur habitats.

Below: Our model of Mt. Vesuvius 

Autumn 1 - Riotous Royalty

Please find below more information about curriculum coverage and the homework grid for this term's topics. Photos or files of completed work can be uploaded onto the Busy Badger's Class Dojo under 'Portfolio'.

Topic Map 
Homework Grid

Busy Badgers Timetable

Here is our weekly timetable. Please bear in mind that this is subject to change.

Busy Badger Timetable

Academic Year 2020-2021




On Tuesday 15th December, Class 2 were challenged to create reindeer using only natural materials. Here are the results! They got very muddy searching for materials around the paddock and forest school area, but all worked really well as part of a team and were very creative with the resources that they found.

Class 2 certificates 14.12.20

Star of the week: Penny – for always getting straight on with work quickly and quietly.

Writer f the week: Poppy – Super writing about Hinduism in our RE lesson.

Mathematician of the week: Matthew – for working hard and completing your Christmas addition and subtraction booklet.


We had our virtual online Christingle service on Friday 11th December.
The children enjoyed making their own Christingles in preparation.

Our States of Matter display including a diagram of ‘The Water Cycle’.

Class 2 certificates 07.12.20

Star of the week: William – for working hard and following the Golden Rule.

Writer of the week: Oscar – for writing a really lovely letter to Father Christmas with beautiful handwriting.

Mathematician of the week: Joshua – Good understanding of both multiplication and division. Well done for being resilient and solving the maths problem.

Class 2 certificates 30.11.20

Star of the week: Erin – for showing great resilience and determination in all that she does. Keep sparkling! 

Writer of the week: Arabella – for writing excellent sentences for a letter of complaint. Great understanding of the structure and vocabulary needed. 

Mathematician of the week: William – for working hard on your times tables. 


A special extra Mathematician of the week badge awarded by the Principal of our Academy Mrs Swales to Joss for confidently recalling his four times tables when he was asked about his maths work.

Class 2 certificates 23.11.20

Star of the week: Joss – for being really kind, patient and encouraging to other members of the class.

Writer of the week: Ava – Brilliant writing about water usage and climate change.

Mathematician of the week: Jenson – Great work on the 8 times tables.

Class 2 certificates 16.11.20

Star of the week: Iris – for being a good, kind and helpful friend to others.

Writer of the week: Jake – for listening and responding to feedback. Great expanded noun phrases in his adventure story.

Mathematician of the week: Charlotte – for making super progress in addition and subtraction.

Class 2 certificates 09.11.20

Star of the week: Lillie – for her positive attitude to school, always coming in with a big smile on her face and brightening up everyone’s day.

Writer of the week: Hayden – for his enthusiasm in creating a plan for our story writing this week with lots of interesting and imaginative ideas.

Mathematician of the week: Matthew – for consistently working hard in all maths lessons + great addition and subtraction calculations.

Class 2 certificates 02.11.20

Star of the week: Poppy – for always working hard in every subject!

Writer of the week: Arabella – for her brilliant brochure about Europe.

Mathematician of the week: Verity – for her excellent knowledge of times tables.

Class 2 certificates 19.10.20

Star of the week: Freddie – for working hard across subjects

Writer of the week: Stacey – for her fantastic writing in her reading journal.

Mathematician of the week: Harry – for always challenging himself.

Class 2 certificates 12.10.20

Star of the week: William – for being a kind and helpful friend to everyone in the class.

Writer of the week: Verity – super diary entry for ‘The Cat Who Walked Across France’. Well done for using subordination.

Mathematician of the week: Hazel – Great column addition!

Class 2 certificates 05.10.20

Star of the week: Eleanor – for consistently setting a brilliant example to others

Writer of the week: Thea – for her fantastic newspaper report about ‘Emil and the Detectives’.

Mathematician of the week: Sammy and Joss for their great knowledge of place value.

Welcome back!

Class 2 have had a great start back at school this academic year despite all of the changes. The children have really risen to the challenges they have faced and have enjoyed learning about their first topic ‘Europe’.

A collaborative piece of artwork to start off the school year.

Academic Year 2019-20

March 2020


Below you will find a copy of the learning objectives and activity suggestions for Class 2 up until Easter. I will also be emailing parents more resources and support materials soon. Parents please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help in any way we can.

Mrs Newlyn-Jones

Class 2 Learning Objectives and Activity Suggestions up to EasterDownload

Wednesday 26th February

Today the Class explored different ways of performing poetry.

We have some great actors in our class!




Science Morning 13.02.20

Under our current topic ‘India’ the children have also been learning about materials in their Science lessons. This morning they were challenged to work in groups and create something out of recyclable materials. Their creations needed to include at least one moving part.

We certainly had some creative designs and ideas. The children were able to explain how their designs had evolved and which materials they used for the different parts.


February 2020

This month Class 2 visited The Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre at Thornby Hall to learn more about Buddhism as part of their India topic.

November 2019

This term, Class 2 are learning about British Folklore.

Wednesday 6th November

This afternoon we were science ‘wizards’ checking the ph levels of household solutions such as lemon juice, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. The children used a red cabbage solution as an indicator to check the other household solutions. They loved making predictions and watching them change colour!

October 2019

Class 2 Stone Age Day 22.10.19

On Tuesday 22nd October Class 2 were visited by two cave men who came to tell us all about Stone Age life. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We had a wonderful time toasting marshmallows on the campfire at our class sleepover.

September 2019

Our First Class topic is Stone Age to Iron Age!

Thursday 26th September: Class 2 loved getting out in nature and taking part in a forest school lesson with Mrs Warner.

Tuesday 24th September: Maths Through Story Morning

This morning we read the book ‘A Place for Zero’ by Angeline LoPresti. They read about how the number zero didn’t feel that he added anything and how he wanted to find his place in the world and have a proper ‘job’. They learnt about what happens when you add or times a number by zero. The class also discovered what number you can make by just adding using the digits 2 and 5 and working systematically. We investigated different ways of representing a number and we talked about the importance of zero as a place holder in order to show bigger numbers.

Thursday 19th September: Today Class 2 went to the chapel for Harvest prayer spaces. The children really enjoyed exploring six different activity stations that had been set up to encourage them to reflect on the Harvest time.

Thursday 10th September: ‘Walk the Walk – Instruction Writing’ Class 2 discussed what instructions were and how they should be set out. Then the children walked through how to write instructions for making their classroom dens that they created yesterday.

Wednesday 11th September: It was very quiet in Class 2 today. Where had the children gone? They were hidden away in their own group dens to experience what it was like for the Stone Age people to live and work together.

Wednesday 9th September: Class 2 started off the year with their own ‘archaeological dig’ to find images of Stone Age flint.

Academic Year 2018/19

The English Civil War

This term the children have been learning about ‘The English Civil War’. We have explored reasons why it started, the people involved, and the key battles. This was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn more about their own local history. On Tuesday 21st May, the class was visited by Margaret Anderson who shared her wealth of knowledge about the Battle of Naseby and the Naseby Battlefield Project.

Class 2 Easter Play!

On 4th April Class 2 performed the play ‘The Three Trees’ as part of the school’s Easter service. Well done to all the children who had worked hard to learn their parts. You gave a super performance!

British Science Week

8th – 17th March 2019

During British Science week the children all took part in additional science activities around this year’s theme of ‘journeys’. In Class 2 we did the activity ‘Make it fly’. The children used templates to create a paper aeroplane, helicopter, and glider. They then tested which one stayed in the air the longest and how far each one could travel. There were lots of discussions about air resistance and gravity.

Maths morning – Thursday 14th February 2019

This morning the children have had lots of fun exploring ten different maths activities/challenges set by Mrs Newlyn-Jones, some of which were Spring themed. The class loved moving between activities at their own pace, challenging themselves and each other, and also problem solving.

Maths through story – Friday 23rd November 2018

The class learned about a cheeky cat called Sid who ate six dinners a day! We then investigated how many dinners he would eat in a week, a month, and a year etc. There were lots of discussions about how many days there are in each month and how many days/weeks make up a year. The children then created their own stories, questions, and answers based around these ideas. They came up with some very imaginative stories including: ‘Two socks Tom’, ‘Five meal Fred’, and ‘Seven walk Snowy’ to name just a few. The children enjoyed studying the calendars and exploring times tables.


Science Day! – Friday 9th November 2018

A day of exploration and discovery 

What an exciting day of learning the children have had! The day started off with the children finding out about chlorophyll in leaves and looking at pigments in the autumn leaves that they collected. Having carefully looked at the colours and patterns of the leaves, the children moved on to exploring the paddock and identifying some of the leaves and trees that they came across. They also created bark rubbings. After lunch, the children tested the pH levels of various soil samples. They discovered that plants prefer different types of soil and how knowing the type of soil you have can help you to grow happier healthier plants. They all really enjoyed being scientists for the day and carrying out experiments.

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